La prononciation travaillée de manière vivante pour une didactique de l’oralité

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Si vous vous reconnaissez un peu dans les propos de ces professeurs, les modules de formation que je propose sont faits pour vous aider !

Et si vous aidiez vos étudiants à mieux se faire comprendre tout en prenant beaucoup de plaisir à apprendre ?

Jetez donc un coup d’œil à mon offre de formation et si ça vous intéresse, contactez-moi par mail pour définir vos besoins et vous proposer une formation sur mesure.

7 thoughts on “La prononciation travaillée de manière vivante pour une didactique de l’oralité”

  1. Three years ago I was lucky to have Candy as my teacher when I attended a 7 months course at École Lutèce Langue while living temporarily in Paris. My native language is German and I speak/write English fluently after living in the US for many years, plus I have studied other languages as well. Never before have I experienced a teaching method like the one Candy uses! It is quite unique, engages the entire body and makes learning French efficient and, most of all, fun! We were actually conjugating while marching to a rhythm, using our voice, our brain, and our body simultaneously, which makes it a truly comprehensive learning experience. Furthermore, Candy’s authentic personality uniquely complements this method — she has a wonderful sense of humour yet she keeps discipline in the class. I have since returned several times and attended many of Candy’s workshops at Lutèce Langue. My favorite is the balade poétique, during which she places special emphasis on our pronunciation and the melody of a well spoken french sentence. If you want to learn how to speak French like a native – this is the way to do it. Merci Candy !

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  2. I studied at Lutece Langue in paris (6 weeks intensive) and had Candy as a classroom teacher and private tutor for most of that time. I highly recommend seeking her out for private lessons or taking her class at Lutece Langue (during my time there she taught A2 level). I had around 8 different teachers or tutors during my time in Paris and Candy had the best balance of encouraging me to speak while making the necessary corrections, and most importantly, all while she spoke very clear French. I struggle with oral comprehension and her French was one of the easiest to understand while also sounding natural. She recognized my unique weaknesses and only when I trusted her judgement did I show great improvement. Other tutors who knew some English would not let you process the french being spoken, and would repeat too often or throw in English too much. Not Candy. I’ve also had others who would interrupt and correct every single error mid sentence. Not Candy. It could be a personal preference, but I loved the fact that Candy would write down phrases or words on the board or paper without prompting by students. It would drive me crazy when a teacher would teach us or correct a new phrase or word that we had never heard and expect that we would know how its spelled, or that we would remember it from just hearing it. Having a teacher just know when it was appropriate to write down new french without interrupting the flow of the session or class was amazing and a rare skill in my experience. In all, I think 2 qualities greatly distinguish Candy from her peers: her expert ability at managing a class or tutoring session to maximize your personal needs, and her unparalleled dedication to teaching. She always went above and beyond in preparing for each session and deeply cares about her students’ progress. I will seek her out when I eventually return to Paris to continue working on my french. You should too.


  3. J’ai suivi la formation de Candy samedi dernier. Professeur de FLE depuis 4 ans, je bute toujours dans mes classes sur la phonétique, je ne sais pas comment m’y prendre pour mettre la théorie en pratique de manière efficace et originale en sortant des exercices articulatoires des manuels. Une de me résolutions de l’année est donc de me perfectionner dans ce domaine, et si vous avez la même résolution, venez suivre une formation de Candy!! Elle vous ouvre une super boite à outils et donne plein de bonnes idées pour travailler la prosodie, les voyelles, les nasales, les consonnes. Le corps est mis en avant et devient un véritable outil d’enseignement. Je suis sortie tellement emballée que dès demain, je vais mettre en application en classe! Et tout se fait dans la bonne humeur et une belle énergie. Si j’habitais à Paris, je ferais toutes les formations sans hésitation! Avec Candy, la phonétique devient un plaisir. Encore merci!


  4. J’ai suivi le stage de phonétique ave Candy et c’était très enrichissant. Je conseille à tous les professeurs souhaitant améliorer leurs techniques de classe de venir y assister.


  5. Professeur de FLE depuis 6 ans maintenant, j’enseigne un module de phonétique à l’université d’Orléans. Rendre cette discipline interactive tout en gardant un minimum de pertinence pédagogique relève à mon sens du casse-tête. Le stage de formation à l’approche kinesthésique de Candy m’a vraiment ouvert les yeux sur un tas de trucs auxquels je n’aurais jamais pensé ! Sa spontanéité et son sens de l’humour implique immédiatement. C’est simple, on la suivrait n’importe où. Elle sait conjuguer à merveille un contenu solide et méticuleusement pensé avec du fun en barre. J’ai vraiment hâte de tester ses tuyaux sur mes étudiants. Un grand merci à toi Candy !


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“J’ai eu la chance et le plaisir d’assister à la formation de Candy. C’est très très riche ! Elle partage avec beaucoup de générosité un panel d’outils super malins et cohérents pour aider efficacement les apprenants dans leur appropriation du rythme et de la prononciation française. En outre, elle transmet naturellement une très belle vision de la pédagogie et de la relation apprenant/enseignant, basées sur le respect de l’autre et l’encouragement continu.
Bref, je vous encourage à suivre cette formation dès que vous en avez l’opportunité ! ”

Fabienne Defaux, co-fondatrice de Novexpat

Témoignages d’enseignants

“Candy a été fondamentale dans mon processus d’apprentissage de la langue française. En plus de toute sa compétence technique, elle utilise une méthode créative, qui à travers une démarche ludique et poétique, elle fait comprendre, de façon très habilité, le rythme et la fonetique de la langue. Candy se livre totalement en donnant les leçons et, ça cela, engage les élèves d’une façon incroyable. Elle fait apprendre et au même temps ses élèves s’amusent.  Candy est magnifique!”

Denise Amorim, du Brésil

“Last Friday I had the unique opportunity to attend Candy’s promenade to Place des Vosges. Five years ago, I was introduced to Lutece Langue. Candy was my first teacher. Since that time, I have continued taking a week of the intensive classes once or twice a year. All the teachers are wonderful and have their unique style.

As a teacher of 37 years, I can appreciate that not all students learn in the same style. Candy’s approach reaches out to a diverse group of learners since she incorporates multiple avenues to access the language. Using a “real world” experience in Paris gave me an opportunity to learn and practice French in various situations. As we walked to our destination, Candy instructed us to only speak French. Although participants were at various French speaking levels, it gave me the opportunity to experiment and learn from others. The afternoon was well organized. With visiting Victor Hugo’s house, completing a written questionnaire about his life, discussing our findings, reading and reciting one of his poems, we certainly were exposed to a multi-level learning experience. This type of experience with Candy is one I hope to attend in the future and recommend it to all! “

Beth, US, teacher

I have been very fortunate to study French with Candy.  Learning languages can be challenging for various reasons.  As compared to speaking English, French requires much more specific articulation toward the front of the mouth, including the lips, and the face. To be understood in French, it is imperative to produce the sounds, particularly the vowels and the ‘r’ in the way that a native speaker does.  For a learner, these issues can be huge impediments to progress and to proficiency.  Candy employs a variety of methods to improve the manner in which students understand and approach the sounds of the French language.  She has developed unique methods to allow students to accurately hear and precisely imitate sounds.  Her techniques go far beyond simple mimicking. She actually requires us to stand and ‘act out’ the vowel sounds.  This kinesthetic approach is pure genius!  When I stretch my arms over head and let out a loud ‘iiiiiiii’ sound, a lovely French ‘i’ emerges from my Texan lips ‘easy as pie.’ (for reference, that ‘i’ sounds quite a bit like the ‘ea’ in easy and a nothing like the ‘i’ in pie).  She has similar kinesthetic cues for the other vowels and the dreaded ‘r’.

Candy has a true talent for empowering her students.  The hand cues that she has developed allow for precise corrections without orally interrupting.  This technique lets the student improve fluidity in speech while integrating pronunciation corrections in the precise moment that the error occurs.  These cues remind me of the sounds I practiced before with my arms stretched wildly overheard or out the sides.  For me, this manner seems to produce the desired effect without undermining my confidence in the way that an oral correction and loss of fluidity can. As a former educator, I consider Candy a master teacher; one who constantly improves pedagogy through reflection on exactly what leads to student success.  It is clear that she has considered and analyzed common mistakes and invented her own processes to overcome these obstacles using multiple modes of delivery, practice, and correction.  With Candy, you will eventually speak French not just in your mind, or with your mouth, but with your whole body!

Talina, US, yoga instructor


Témoignages d’étudiants